Istanbul Youth Summit (IYS) 2021 is the fourth International Summit organized by Youth Break the Boundaries (YBB) Foundation in Istanbul. This summit will encourage future leaders who break the boundaries of their abilities  to discuss and take action in “Public leadership through the crisis.”

IYS Background

Istanbul Youth Summit (IYS) 2021 is a program initiated by Youth Break the Boundaries (YBB). The aim is to build the spirit of youth leadership and prepare excellent future leaders. The Istanbul Youth Summit is not just a gathering of young leaders from around the world but also sharing their experiences on how they are taking actions in their communities to protect and empower youth in building the nation.

YBB is an organization that focuses on all instruments regarding development and empowerment of youth to prepare excellent future leaders by promoting strong identity and character and also providing noble values for the youth.


In order to realize consistency in building youth character, YBB continues to create various innovations in youth activities. Since 2017, YBB has held an International Youth Summit entitled “Youth Education and Entrepreneurship Summit (YES!)” In Istanbul and continues with a warm theme among young people on the Istanbul Youth Summit 2021.


The focus of YBB focus on the Istanbul Youth Summit 2021 program is to transfer knowledge and urgency to young people in regeneration for public leadership through the crisis. It is undeniable that youth today will lead strategic positions in the country and the world, so through this program, we will learn more about the importance of this leadership. Not only that, but the selected young people will also learn many things from various countries and will greatly help to strengthen networks throughout the world.  

It is highly expected that the delegates of the Istanbul Youth Summit 2021 program can take benefits as much as they are able. Not only a matter of knowledge but getting networks and building the existence of youth on the international scene is considered very important to be applied. So that the main purpose of this program can be truly achieved and can be one of the instruments to build the nation’s progress.


IYS Aims

The program intends to achieve five main goals. We aim to:

  1. Sharpen up the spirit of talented youth leaders in various areas.
  2. Build a character of youth leadership.
  3. Build the existence of the youth on the international scene.
  4. Train the leadership soul of the youth who is actively contributing to develop the country.
  5. Continue the Istanbul Youth Summit program for years to come by creating a strong network and long term relationship among IYS alumni.